About Us

Patriot Fire Protection Services, LLC is a fire sprinkler company based in New Jersey. It is our desire to serve clients more efficiently and at a more affordable price than what you may have seen in the past. Because we come from consulting engineering, contracting, and installing backgrounds, we understand the hurdles many clients and general contractors face. It is Patriot Fire Protection Services goal to overcome these hurdles. We provide design and installation of sprinkler systems, service of existing sprinkler systems as well as quarterly and annual inspections as required by the National Fire Prevention Association and almost all insurance companies. Our office can help starting with inception of a project all the way through to the as-built drawings and warranty phase. We want clients to understand their system and be happy to recommend Patriot Fire Protection Services, LLC to others. We know how seriously you take the safety of your business, which is why we have taken the measures to install our sprinkler systems the right way. We work with owners, architects and engineers alike, designing and catering a system to fit each individual’s or business’ needs. All foremen installers have five years of accredited college course work, and have NICET Certifications. We have a dedicated project manager on all projects. Our design team offers Computer Aided Design with the ability to fabricate piping from our designs. We can also handle system reinforcement and modification when required by an owner’s insurance carrier.

We are here to serve you

If you would like to meet in person to discuss potential projects, let us know. We provide competitive bids or can work directly with an owner to provide a turnkey design/build fire sprinkler system.

Did your sprinkler system freeze up? Call us and we can help!

Did you realize state law requires buildings with fire sprinklers to be inspected at least once every year? If you have a fire and you do not have proof that your system has been inspected annually by a licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor, your insurance company may, and probably will, deny your claim. Fire claimed 16,705 lives in the United States last year and $15,478,000,000 in property damage. Don’t let this happen to your building! Please call Patriot Fire Protection Services to set up a fire sprinkler inspection immediately!

For more information on our services, contact us or request a quote. We also install a variety of other fire suppression systems including dry pipe sprinklers.