Our services range from basic fire sprinkler design to plan review and inspections to risk analysis and code consulting. Our team is experienced and capable of performing site investigations, hydraulic calculations, waterflow testing, system acceptance testing and analyses of existing systems. We are knowledgeable of all types of suppression systems, including wet-pipe, dry-pipe, deluge, preaction and foam. Our designs have ranged in size from small tenant improvements and single family homes to major new construction and retrofit projects. We have experience in all types of wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. No job is too big or too small. Our purpose is to assist our clients in completing their fire protection project on time and under budget while emphasizing public safety and property protection. We always strive to provide prompt and professional service with the utmost consideration being placed on code compliance, accuracy and cost effectiveness. We are not satisfied unless our clients expectations are fully met in every regard.

Our design services include:

  • Water supply analysis
  • Sprinkler system retrofit analysis
  • Budgetary cost estimates
  • Fire pump system room design and analysis
  • Standpipe system design and testing
  • Special hazards: high piled storage, plastics, foam and deluge systems, pre-action systems, EFSR systems and in rack sprinklers
  • Remodel/Retrofit: No existing building plans, no problem. Our designers are capable of producing accurate as build drawings. In addition we are experienced in resolving difficult piping problems common in retrofit projects.
  • Tenant Improvement: We have experience in all types and sizes of project.
  • New Construction: Of course we are capable of designing any type of new construction project, including residential, institutional, commercial and industrial.
  • For more information on our design services, contact us . We also inspect, service, and install all types of fire sprinkler systems.