Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Most simplistic and reliable fire sprinkler system

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the simplest and most common fire suppression method on the market today. They are comprised of pipes that constantly contain pressurized water. When an individual sprinkler in the system is activated by heat from fire, the automatic, closed-type sprinkler head immediately discharges water onto the fire. As more individual sprinkler heads are subsequently activated by heat, they too will discharge water onto the fire until it is controlled or extinguished.Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems can be installed in buildings not susceptible to freezing (i.e., where temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit). At Patriot Fire Protection Services, we design, install and repair wet pipe fire suppression systems for a variety of industries, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential companies. Whether it's a new project or building retrofit, we provide the project management to take your system from start to finish with minimal interruption to your busy schedule.

For more information on wet pipe fire sprinkler systems, contact us or request a quote. We also install a variety of other fire suppression systems including dry pipe sprinklers.